Terms & Conditions

Because cybersecurity topics can be misused and used in wrong blackhat purposes if got in wrong hands, I’m forced to make this Terms & Conditions policy to protect myself legally if these things happens. So please read these terms and disclaimer carefully before reading any of my posts, especially ethical hacking tutorials.

1. All information shared on this website is intended for personal and educational usage only.

2. Ethical hacking tutorials shared on this website are shared to help users how to reset back/retrieve/recover their own lost/stolen online accounts or devices. Such as for example lost Facebook account access, forgotten Windows admin password and so on.

3. It’s strictly prohibited to use information shared in ethical hacking tutorials (mentioned above in “2.”) to harm others privacy, like hacking others people social networks accounts or devices.

4. Any misused/non-allowed activity explained in “2.” and “3.” will be considered against this policy and illegal by law in almost any country and “me” (Author or this website’s content) will take no responsibility of such actions.

5. If any of third party’s copyright protected brand names or graphic material is shared in some posts on this website, their purpose is only informational and will never be used for commercial or public demonstration activities.

6. Software used for supervision other devices or accounts which are mentioned in some of posts shared on this website should be used only in two of the following purposes:
– To monitor minor children activity not older then 13 years, in aim to protect them from online crime or bullying.
– To monitor employees (If you are employer) in aim to improve your company’s work progress & internal relationship. But only if employees are aware and notified their activities will be supervised.

7. Copying content from this website and posting it on other domain’s pages like it’s yours is now allowed. If caught, your website will be reported for copyright infringements to the responsible authorities.
The only way we will tolerate copying our content is with the proper use of canonical tags.

Any action(s) or purposes of using information shared on this website which is opposite or terms & conditions mentioned in this policy will be considered against these terms and user(s) (Readers/visitors of this website) will take all responsibilities and legal consequence if occur.