How to Hack an Instagram Account – Newbie Friendly Tutorial (2021 Methods)

How to Hack Instagram AccountInstagram is without doubts a leading social network of nowadays. Millions of people from all over the world are browsing trough its news feed daily, posting moments from their life, following other users, celebrities and stuff what interest them.

With a huge rise of Instagram’s popularity, with hundreds of thousands daily active users, it’s a common thing that some of users’ registered accounts gets lost here and there due to various reasons. Many of popular IG accounts, especially those owned by “influencers” who makes money posting and advertising different kinds of things, are often on target by hackers due to their high value on a black market.

Accounts can also get lost because of their owner’s fault too. Many users don’t even save their login credentials somewhere safe, and if their account requires verification and gets locked, this can be a huge problem to get them back without accessing into email account which was used to register an Instagram one.

To be on a 100% safe side from losing your account, you need to have your registration e-mail address and access to it stored somewhere safe, like in Notepad file, or some similar app, and preferably password protect it. There is also an option to recover your account using SMS message. This is recommended as well to add your phone number to your Instagram account, so you have an extra security option if something gets wrong. And you will also get notification to your email or SMS every time there is a new login to your account from a new browser or device. This is VERY USEFUL to have enabled because even if your account gets hacked you can react fast and get it back before any damage is made.

But let’s switch to the main topic of this article now.

How to hack into Instagram account if you don’t have access to an email address or a phone number anymore?

Today we are going to explain several possible methods to crack IG password successfully.

Keep in mind some of these methods can be used in wrong manners, like hacking accounts that you do not legally possess. To protect ourselves and this website, please read the disclaimer paragraph below and our terms & conditions policy before reading the tutorial.

Disclaimer of This tutorial:

By reading this article, you are agreeing with the Terms & Conditions policy of this website. Using information from this tutorial in purpose to harm other people’s privacy is not allowed, and It’s also illegal in every country. You agree to use the methods explained below just to recover back Instagram account you lost due to forgetting password or because it got stolen.

Jump to The Methods Quickly:

  1. Reset E-Mail Password
  2. Using InstaRipper Tool
  3. Using Phishing Technique
  4. Password Guessing
  5. Using Mobile Spy App

Method #1 – Reset E-mail Password

There are many internet users, mostly ones who use it only from their mobile phones, who doesn’t know that it’s possible to reset back password of an email account they have used to sign up for an Instagram one. Many of these people even forget a right email address they’ve used, since they’ve used it only to create an Instagram account. But let’s assume you remember what exactly email address you have used.

So, just go to an email’s provider official website.
Gmail:, (For Hotmail is same), or some other you have used. On their login page, just under textboxes to type password, you will always see a link named “Forgot a password”, or “Reset Your Password” or something similar.

Just click it and follow next instructions. If you used recovery email address, or a phone number, a new message will arrive to your email/SMS and there click a link to set a new password for your account. Once you can login inside an email address, you are now ready to recover an Instagram account too.

Now go to Instagram app login page and again click on the link to reset password and after few minutes go check your email address’ inbox. There will be a message from Instagram to reset your password. Click, and you have it back. Congratulations!

Method #2 – Using the InstaRipper Tool

InstaRipperOr we can call this one also a “brute-force method” since InstaRipper is a software built on this technology, but upgraded one. Their developers claim they use enhanced system of classic brute-force attack technology which was founded a few decades ago.

InstaRipper application was built in 2018. and it’s still active and working as of today. Their authors had some legal problems with Instagram last year because of threat to their users’ privacy, but since they rebuilt their official website and added strict terms policy that their software should be used in legal purposes only, they got released from a lawsuit.

The tool will perfectly work for what it’s supposed for. It can hack Instagram password in approximately few minutes. If account’s owner made a simple password when they were creating a profile. Simple password means a word combination made of simple lowercase letters. Average internet users use these kinds of password for any of their online accounts since they’re not so skilled to know how vulnerable it can be to use phrases like these. A simple made programs such InstaRipper is will be able to crack trough them in few minutes only.

For more complex passwords it will take more time, so just let the application running until a cracking time is completed. In newest update of InstaRipper you have a progressbar added inside app’s interface so you can easily see how long it’s needed to hack certain password.

There are optional features inside InstaRipper’s interface called “Use Proxy” and “Clear Cookies”. These options will delete any tracks behind you once Instagram account hacking is completed. In case you are using InstaRipper from a device which you do not own, like a friend’s PC or phone, we recommend enabling these two options since it will delete browser’s cookies and hack an account trough other IP address then you really use.
But in case you are recovering your own Instagram account from your home, these two are not needed.

OS iconOS supported: Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

Link iconInstaRipper Official Website:

Method #3 – Phishing Technique

Phishing is a golden method in a hacking world. It never gets outdated and old, and it’s always being adapted to work despite any new updates and security systems.

So, what is phishing? Read one of our previous post when we explained it in detail.

Phishing method is used to hack into any website where there is a login page exist. If there is a login page, it’s always a possibility to hack trough using a phishing technique.

This method requires building a fake login website of the one you’re planning to hack. If one is building it from scratch, a novice knowledge of HTML, PHP and CSS is required, and some skills with photo editing, like Photoshop.

But we already found one working pre-made Instagram phishing page, so you don’t have to bother yourself building it from scratch. You can download this one we have found on internet. Credits goes to an author who made it.
– Password to open this file is: “” , without quotes and keep an eye for capital “M” at beginning.

Keep it mind using it for educational purpose only. We do not endorse hacking Instagram accounts which you are not owner of.

To learn how to setup this page from downloaded file and make an Instagram phishing website, please read the phishing guide we have linked above.

Method #4 – Password Guessing

There is always a possibility to hack an Instagram account (or any other online account) by trying to guess a password. Chances to guess it successfully are much higher if you know a person who owns an account personally.

Since you know someone closely, you know what they like, what things they do, their hobbies, interests and many other things. You can use this as advantage when it comes to hacking and try to guess their password by typing all kinds of phrases from their life. Examples would be like name of their dog, sport they train, favorite food, car, celebrity…

Many people use simple password for their accounts, without knowing how vulnerable this can be and lead their account of getting compromised.

And since there is always a chance, why not give it a try to test your luck.

Method #5 – Using a Mobile Spy App

Smartphone Spy App
Since Instagram is primarily a mobile social network visited from its smartphone app on Android and iOS devices, we will skip mentioning a desktop keyloggers software and going to talk about mobile spying apps, which are a keylogger based tools specifically built to monitor activity on a desired cellphone.

So, how these apps work?

Once this app is successfully installed on a target’s device, (Android or iOS operating system), one can monitor all activity their target is doing on their phone, including:

  • Tracking chat logs of any instant messaging app, like Instagram, Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Snapchat, or any other.
  • Tracking their real-time GPS location
  • See & track Calls (Outgoing and incoming)
  • Fully Anonymous monitoring – means you can spy on desired device without owner’s noticing they are being monitored.
  • See all data saved on a phone (Photos, videos, notes etc.)

What is the best mobile spying app?

Currently the mSpy tool is a highest rated mobile monitoring software, with most features and highest reliability on the market.

It’s used by thousands of parents from all over the world who monitor their children’s activities to keep them safe from cyber-criminals.

You can use this app for many needs. And yes, to hack an Instagram account too.

Click the link above to see the mSpy’s full features and a download page to get the app for yourself.


So, these are currently the most reliable ways you can use to get back access to desired Instagram account. Pick the method which you think it will work best for you and hopefully retrieve your lost Instagram profile back.

Good luck! 🙂