About Me

Matthieu SuicheHello everyone! Nice to see you exploring my blog 🙂
My name is Matthieu Suiche, security technologist and cybersecurity enthusiast from Netherlands.

I decided to open this blog to spend my free time on it where I will share news, tips and tutorials about online security & computer security topics.
Currently I still don’t have any social profiles where you can follow if I posted something new so you can bookmark my site if you like it. I was never too much interested in social networks appearance (I don’t even have Facebook LOL), but if I see this blog starts to drive reasonable attention by readers I will have to start with it one day I guess.

Anyway I will give my best to share as much information as my free time allows me and hopefully my knowledge will help someone in good manners to educate yourself about protecting your systems and online accounts from cyber crime.

And just to make things clear, I am not this Matthieu Suiche. Yes we have same name but we are two different persons. You can learn a lot from him as well so I recommend to follow him too 🙂

Thanks again for stopping by and see you around the blog!

Best regards,
– Matthieu