• Alarming Number of UC Browser Users Vulnerable to MiTM Attacks

    Man in The Middle Attack

    A staggering number of UC Browsers and mini Android apps of the same name may have been vulnerable to Man-in-the-middle or MiTM attacks. This happened when they downloaded an APK, Android Package Kit from an unauthorized or third-party server over insecure channels. Hackers can use MiTM to spy on the devices and change or intercept any communications. This was recently announced by researchers who are working on suspicious activities over the app.

    Developed by an Alibaba owned company, UCWeb, the UC Browser was launched in 2014. It quickly became the fourth most widely used browser used in mobile phones according to

  • A Team of Hackers Created an Advanced Scheme Using SMS’s to Attack Smartphones by Phishing

    SMS Hack - Phishing

    Every new user with a smashing new device will surely get a SIM card to get it working correctly as soon as possible. Depending on the SIM card being used, the new carrier would be handing over all his data automatically after configuration. And all it takes is a simple SMS that will plant malicious malware on your device without you noticing. The scheme is so good that no one could tell that it

  • How to Hack an Instagram Account – Newbie Friendly Tutorial (2022 Methods)

    How to Hack Instagram AccountInstagram is without doubts a leading social network of nowadays. Millions of people from all over the world are browsing trough its news feed daily, posting moments from their life, following other users, celebrities and stuff what interest them.

    With a huge rise of Instagram’s popularity, with hundreds of thousands daily active users, it’s a common thing that some of users’ registered accounts gets lost here and there due to various reasons. Many of popular IG accounts, especially those owned by “influencers” who makes money posting and advertising different kinds of things, are often on target by hackers due to their

  • How to Hack a TikTok Account – Tutorial (Methods of 2022)

    How to Hack TikTok AccountThis tutorial is written in goal to help users of TikTok social network who lost their account due to hacking or by forgetting their password.

    Yes, lost accounts can easily be recovered using “password reset” feature located at login page of almost every website. But the problem for many users is that they even lose password of their email account used when signing up for an account. Some even can’t remember what exact e-mail address they’ve used for registering an

  • How to Hack a Twitter Account – Working Methods of 2022

    How to Hack a Twitter Account

    Many Twitter users across the world got themselves in situation of losing their account password at least once in their lifetime. This problem may occur due to many reasons. One can simply forget or save their password somewhere safe, and after some time you can’t remember it. Some Twitter accounts are also getting hacked and lost forever.

    In most situations, a simple clicking on “Forgot my password” from Twitter’s login page will solve a problem – In case you still have access to an e-mail account used when creating your TW profile. Same is with

  • Government Malware Going by the Name of Exodus Has Affected Thousands of Users

    News just in; security experts have just discovered a new government spyware called Exodus which infiltrates user software using the Google Play Store.

    The Security without Borders organization has a team of dedicated security researchers and advisors who conducted an analysis of this threat. It was revealed through this organization that this government spyware hides within the Google Play Store and has been able to infect hundreds of people who use

  • How to Check if My WhatsApp is Hacked & Steps to Fix it (2022 Methods)

    If you are wondering if your WhatsApp account is safe, don’t worry, you are not the only one. A lot of people share the uncertainty of using the service as their main communication service for fear of being spied or because someone might gain access to it.

    How to Secure Whatsapp

    Let’s clear the air about the purpose of this article. You probably landed here because you have concerns, and we are going to do our best to address them. This is not a hacker’s guide. This is a collection of relevant tips, and useful information about WhatsApp gathered from different blog and forums around the web.

    Since some websites shares tutorials how to hack WhatsApp account, like this guide from Wiper’s blog, on the other hand, some like us wants to protect internet users from these dangerous actions.

    Think about WhatsApp the way you think about other apps such as Facebook, Instagram or your personal e-mail. All of these services are vulnerable at some level. While it’s pretty easy to figure out if

  • The Qrypter Payload Malware Has Been Finally Decrypted

    This article is about findings from Cybaze-Yoroi ZLAB’s discovery and the dissection of new Qrypter malware and its resulting evolution.

    It all started with Yoroi’s discovery of a few malicious emails during routine monitoring in the past few weeks. Upon finding these emails, the Yoroi team sent them to certain organizations and found that the malware was targeting Italian users. The contents of the message included a warning to the user that they had been summoned by the court and that they should immediately view the case details in the attached lawsuit document. The file name itself was

  • How to Hack Facebook Account – 2022 Working Methods

    They say that hacking is one of the most frowned upon processes to take part in, and while that may be true, there are plenty of people out there hacking for the “greater good”. All of the information that you’ll be reading through within this article is to be used for personal use only – this is merely a way to go about retrieving an account that you’ve lost access to, or anything of that nature. If you plan on using these methods and other procedures to hack Facebook accounts of others, well, that’s on you!

    Source where I’ve discovered some of these methods is this post by SecurityEquifax cybersecurity blog. I “upgraded” them a little with my own knowledge and added some more, so this tutorial should be ultimate and readers don’t have to look for any other place to learn about Facebook hacking.

    Using this tutorial to fuel your illegal endeavors is definitely not our main goal here, and if that is your main

  • 2,440 Websites Have Been Affected by JS-Sniffers

    An international anti-cyberattack company called Group-IB has issued a report which investigates JavaScript Sniffers at length. In case you’re wondering, JavaScript sniffers are a special kind of malware that’s very efficient at stealing customer payment data directly from online stores. Currently, JS-sniffers can be found in over 2,440 e-commerce stores, which have a combined 1.5 million organic daily visitors according to the report.

    JS Sniffer malware

    Group-IB is committed to analyzing the darknet market behind JS-sniffers including its monetization methods, infrastructure and more. According to this report, JS-sniffers developers have been able to make millions of dollars from this malware’s activities.

    E-Commerce Market Security Threats

    There’s no denying that the e-commerce market is growing in leaps and bounds each year, and most of us do our shopping online instead of doing it in brick and mortar stores like a few years ago. In fact, research shows that 8 out of 10 American adults prefer to