• The Qrypter Payload Malware Has Been Finally Decrypted

    This article is about findings from Cybaze-Yoroi ZLAB’s discovery and the dissection of new Qrypter malware and its resulting evolution.

    It all started with Yoroi’s discovery of a few malicious emails during routine monitoring in the past few weeks. Upon finding these emails, the Yoroi team sent them to certain organizations and found that the malware was targeting Italian users. The contents of the message included a warning to the user that they had been summoned by the court and that they should immediately view the case details in the attached lawsuit document. The file name itself was

  • How to Hack Facebook Account – 2019 Working Methods

    They say that hacking is one of the most frowned upon processes to take part in, and while that may be true, there are plenty of people out there hacking for the “greater good”. All of the information that you’ll be reading through within this article is to be used for personal use only – this is merely a way to go about retrieving an account that you’ve lost access to, or anything of that nature. If you plan on using these methods and other procedures to

  • 2,440 Websites Have Been Affected by JS-Sniffers

    An international anti-cyberattack company called Group-IB has issued a report which investigates JavaScript Sniffers at length. In case you’re wondering, JavaScript sniffers are a special kind of malware that’s very efficient at stealing customer payment data directly from online stores. Currently, JS-sniffers can be found in over 2,440 e-commerce stores, which have a combined 1.5 million organic daily visitors according to the report.

    JS Sniffer malware

    Group-IB is committed to analyzing the darknet market behind JS-sniffers including its monetization methods, infrastructure and more. According to this report, JS-sniffers developers have been able to make millions of dollars from this malware’s activities.

    E-Commerce Market Security Threats

    There’s no denying that the e-commerce market is growing in leaps and bounds each year, and most of us do our shopping online instead of doing it in brick and mortar stores like a few years ago. In fact, research shows that 8 out of 10 American adults prefer to

  • The Concerns About Cyber Security Matter to Take Notice for the Rest of 2019

    If you are a desktop user, you probably think that using a service such as Avira or Avast is enough to safeguard your information from attacks. You are so far from being genuinely safe with this type of software that is almost sweet to believe that these tools can adequately protect your personal data. The internet is still a scary place for many people and with good reason: cyber-attacks are an ongoing concern from everyone, and no matter what the big corporations do, the cyberstalkers are always ten steps ahead of everybody.

    Cybersecurity News

    The following is a list collected from diverse internet security sites about the trends of security that will keep being a cause of