Faces of Persia

I recently had the chance to travel through Iran and to meet cool folks like Arash during my trip. I will comment more later. In the meantime enjoy the pictures below and access to the full album on Flickr here.

Kid from a nomad tribe near Pasargad

Angry Birds Hijab

Nasīr al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz

Old man in the abandoned bazaar of Naim

Faces of Yemen

Access to the full album here, and the second album (B&W) here.

I recently had the chance to travel across Yemen, which is a not well known but beautiful country with a unique ecosystem.

Even through the country is listed as high security level threat, the areas I’ve been visited were relatively safe and I didn’t experience any troubles during my trip. From what I can say, Yemenis are part of the most welcoming, and friendly people I had the chance to meet.

As you can see, people are full of life and their faces tell lots of stories. That’s why I called the Album “Faces of Yemen“.


Great Mosque of Sana’a

Happy kids from Kawkaban

Sunset on Sana’a

Confidences over Sana’a

Socotra Island

Socotra Island, is an Island between Yemen and Somalia. Mainly known for her dragonblood trees which are a unique specie that can only be found on the Island. There are several legends about its origins but my favorite is this one:
In the Middle Ages, an European King was looking for a potion to cure his ill unique daughter. He offered her hand to anyone who would bring her the medicine. One of the candidates, mentioned he knew about an Island with a special remedy that could save his daughter. The King supported the Chevalier who went to Socotra to find the medicine. Once the Chevalier arrived on the Island, he had to fight with a Giant bird/dragon that he managed to severely injure during his battle. Then the bird/dragon tried to escape and flew all over the Island, and for each drop of its blood, a Dragonblood tree grew out of it.

Socotra Island as several protected area established by the Yemeni Environment Protection Authority (EPA), and counts several NGO such as the Triangle or the Yemeni Biological Society founded and presided by Dr. Abdul Karim Nasher, a well known and respect Yemeni scientist, who I had the chance to meet and who is involved with multiple projects such as the protection of sea turtles across the country. I recommend you to watch his talk from TEDxSanaa: Yemen is richer with its plants to know more about the unique ecosystem of Yemen.
I look at Zoology/Biology as a kind of reverse engineering study applied to life and living organisms, which is the reason why I find it so fascinating.

Dragonblood tree

Kid on the beach

Happy girl


Bottletree next to a lagoon



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