ISIS proportionally counts more women than the tech industry

Few days ago, Wikipedia Founder’s, Jimmy Wales, recently told CNBCThe proportion of women working in technology is “disastrous” for the sector“.

According to a recent article in CNET by Roger Cheng, the number of women in technical position at large tech companies range between 10% and 20%:


And as extracted from Paul Ford‘s “What is Code?” on demographics taken from Stack Overlow’s 2015 developer survey, women count less than 6%


In 2014, French media France Info pointed out that 25% of the people who left France for ISIS were women. Back in January, Le Monde – mentioned that women represented between 10-20% of the Western fighters. And more recently, in April 2015 – Le Figaro studied the number of alert calls received for March 2015 included 52% of women were leaving for ISIS as alerted by their families, against 45% in the past.

Few weeks ago, International Center for the Study of Radicalization published a report entitled “‘Till Martyrdom Do Us Part’ – Gender and the ISIS Phenomenon” by Erin Marie Saltman & Melanie Smith that focues on the demographics of the ISIS fighters. AFP compiled the following infographics out of the report:


Yes, it’s that bad.