U.S. / France cyber-security budget

Pentagon Five-Year (until 2018) Cybersecurity Plan Seeks $23 Billion (cf. 2015 Fiscal Year Budget request)
That is around 1.6x times ($4.6 Bn/Year) the annual budget of DARPA ($2.8 Bn/Year)

France Five-Year (until 2019) Cybersecurity plan is EUR 1 Billion
This is around 1.33x times (EUR 200M/Year) the budget allocated to the call for projects in cyber-security from last year. The budget allocated was supposed to be EUR 150M but no updates had been communicated by officials since the initial press release, and any attempts to obtain more information had been dismissed or ignored.

U.S. cyber security budget is 17+ times more the French budget.
And in addition of that the U.S. is developing partnerships at different levels within its own ecosystem, which is something yet to be seen in France even through claims had been mentioned by the government to strengthen its sovereign technology.

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