That’s so Swish !

SwishDbgExt is a Microsoft WinDbg debugging extension that expands the set of available commands by Microsoft WinDbg, but also fixes and improves existing commands.


This extension has been developed by Matt Suiche (@msuiche) – feel free to reach out on Twitter (even better, on the mailing list) to ask for more features, offer to contribute and/or report bugs.

Mailing-List:!forum/dfir-list or

SwishDbgExt aims at making life easier for kernel developers, troubleshooters and security experts with a series of debugging, incident response and memory forensics commands.

Because SwishDbgExt is a WinDbg debugging extension, it means it can be used on local or remote kernel debugging session, live sessions generated by Microsoft LiveKd, but also on Microsoft crash dumps generated to a Blue Screen of Death or hybrid utilities such as MoonSols DumpIt.



I personally don’t have enough time to proceed to a full in-depth testing of all the commands on every of Windows, that’s is why I would like to thank few people who assisted me during with the testing of the private beta and their contributions. Now that the extension is public, I’m sure more bugs will be found – and as said above, feedback are highly appreciated and the mailing list is the most efficient way to share it :-)

Thanks to Frank Boldewin for his feedback and sharing his shellcode scanning techniques (!ms_malscore).

Thanks to Benjamin Delpy for his feedback and writing mimikatz (!ms_credentials).


Current version is: v0.5.20140716 (16 July 2014)