R.I.P. Xpress – Welcome TLZ

I was reading an article about Windows 8 and 9 (which should support IA-128 architecture) when I highlighted:

Researched new algorithms and programming methods to build Hibernate/Resume Integration API that can integrate and utilize the new TLZ file compression engine for the Hibernate/Resume component of new Windows 8 Operating System.

Using C and C++ programming languages in SourceInsight, developed a 100% functional C wrapper for C++ functions and the Hibernate/Resume Integration API, which will be used in Windows 8 replacing Windows Vista’s Xpress compression engine.

Apparently and according to his resume the author, Bo Qin, is a student at University of Washington. That is cool to see that some academics are working on cool projects (while some people are wasting time to find a way to write an exploit which will be used by script-kiddies or stupid consultants and while media are claiming white-hats are challenging Microsoft).

Anyway, Xpress compression algorithm, introduced in Windows XP and still used in Windows 7 and actually used for Windows Hibernation, Hyper-V, Windows Mobile, SMB protocol etc., should be replaced by TLZ algorithm that should be introduced in Windows 8.