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Microsoft MVP 2009

It’s official – I’m a Microsoft Entreprise Security MVP

For people who don’t know what MVP means here is the definition from wikipedia:

Microsoft MVPs are exceptional technical community leaders from around the world who have been awarded for voluntarily providing technical expertise towards technical communities supporting Microsoft products or technologies. (Wikipedia)

Past well-know MVPs includes Mark Russinovich, Ken Johnson, and Patchou from Messenger Plus! Live plugin.


Low Priority I/O Count Information – SystemLowPriorityInformation

Based on Windows Vista I/O priorities manager, Windows 7 provides a new class to retrieve information/statistics about about Low I/O priority counts.

Function: NtQuerySystemInformation
Class: SystemLowPriorityInformation
Privilege: None
Output size: 0x24 bytes

The output structure is the following.

ULONG IoLowPriorityReadOperationCount;
ULONG IoLowPriorityWriteOperationCount;
ULONG IoKernelIssuedIoBoostedCount;
ULONG IoPagingReadLowPriorityCount;
ULONG IoPagingReadLowPriorityBumpedCount;
ULONG IoPagingWriteLowPriorityCount;
ULONG IoPagingWriteLowPriorityBumpedCount;
ULONG IoBoostedThreadedIrpCount;
ULONG IoBoostedPagingIrpCount;
ULONG IoBlanketBoostCount; // Added in RC1 (build 7100)


Source + Executable are available here.

Edit: LOW_PRIORITY_INFORMATION structure updated in build 7100.