Monthly Archives: February 2009

Understanding needs to fight procrastination of the industry.

Investigators, Incident Response Engineers, Forensics Engineers, Security Consultants, CISSP, … from all around the world here are some questions for you. I tried to find answers by myself but I feel unable to do so. So, let’s improve communication/interaction between us.

#1 Could you define the role of a security researcher?

#2 How do you [or your company] define a meaningful, useful tool?

#3 What are your technical needs at the moment? What kind of tools do you [or your company] would like to see.

#4 What are your current limitation about this? How do you feel with existing tools.

#5 How do you feel with you daily job — Are you frustrated to waste time to do meaningless things because of your stupid colleagues or stupid tools?

#6 Do you think Security Industry is a failure by default?

#7 What’s the kind of company do you [or your company] would like to deal with? For what kind of purposes ?

Feel free to answer by dashing a comment or sending me an email at matt[0x40]msuiche[0x2E]net