Update: win32dd 1.2.1

First of all problem reported and explained in my previous blogpost regarding multi-processors computers and Microsoft crash dump generation is fixed. The limitation had been raised from 1 to 32 processors.

KeQueryActiveProcessorCount() API only exist in Vista and later version of Windows, that’s why I wrote xxxKeQueryActiveProcessorCount in driver/private/ke.c because compatibility matter. By the way, about compatibility let me tell you that win32dd is compatible with Microsoft O.S. from Windows 2000 to Windows Seven. :-) Check the screenshot below of win32dd in action under Windows 7.


Download win32dd v1.2.20090106 now!

By the way, I suggest you to read this article if you still wondering about the efficiency and usefulness of win32dd crash dump generation mode. Microsoft Help and Support: Complete memory dumps are not available on computers that have 2 or more gigabytes of RAM

Thanks you all for using win32dd and your feedbacks!

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  1. Is there a way to push the output file from win32dd to an unmapped network share \\server\share\file? as opposed to drive letter?

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