Hey people ! Happy new year from a lazy man 2.0 :-)

I was looking for the shortest way to wish to people I know happy new year for 2009.

Here is a flowchart to explain what’s going on just after I press the “Publish” wordpress button.

As you can see I use WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook technology — that’s pretty useless but that’s funny :-)

Update will be show as “Blog [new]: #title# ( http://tinyurl.com/xxxxxx )”. It means I’ve free 98 (140 – 42) characters to wish you happy new year!

* Tools/Plugins:
Twitter updater plugin for WordPress
Facebook application to update facebook status from Twitter

PS.I’m not dead and I’ll soonly publish an update(1.2.1) for win32dd to fix a bug with multi-core computers and Microsoft crashdump file generation.

2 thoughts on “Hey people ! Happy new year from a lazy man 2.0 :-)

  1. C’est pas le genre de design qu’on peut avoir dans un theme LaTeX en tout cas! Bonne année encore!

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