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Enter sandman… :)

The PacSec Agenda had been released!
Speaker list:

Talk selections for PacSec 2007 - November 29 and 30 - Aoyama Diamond Hall

- Programmed I/O accesses: a threat to virtual machine monitors? -
Loic Duflot,

- Developing Fuzzers with Peach -
Michael Eddington, Leviathan Security

- Cyber Attacks Against Japan -
Hiroshi Kawaguchi, LAC

- Windows Localization: Owning Asian Windows Versions -
Kostya Kortchinsky, Immunity

- TOMOYO Linux -
Toshiharu Harada, NTT Data

- IPV6 Demystified -
Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino , IPv6Samurais

- Automated JavaScript Deobfuscation -
Alex Rice, Websense Security Labs

- Enter Sandman (why you should never go to sleep) -
Nicolas Ruff & Matthieu Suiche, EADS

- Agent-oriented SQL Abuse -
Fernando Russ & Diego Tiscornia, Core

- Bad Ideas: Using a JVM/CLR for Intellectual Property Protection
Marc Schoenefeld, University of Bamberg

- Heap exploits are dead. Heap exploits remain dead. And we have killed them.
Nicolas Waisman, Immunity

- Deploying and operating a Global Distributed Honeynet
David Watson, Honeynet Project

- Office 0days and the people who love them
TBA, Microsoft
(I would also like to thank Colin Delaney and Stephen Ridley as standby


The topic is talking about forensic/hiberation under Windows. More information will be available in November…